Our Mission at Equine Altitude International

Equine Altitude International specializes in low oxygen simulated altitude environments to induce performance and recovery.

Equine Lung Hemorraging Prevention Specialists

Pure Air Environment


Altitude Simulation utilizes a low oxygen , fire-proof environment that stimulates a horses natural physiological responses to strengthen the respiratory system and induce healing. Hypoxic technology

and Hyperbaric technology are both forms of oxygen therapy. The major difference is that hyperbaric technology is an unnatural volatile and explosive environment that causes fatalities ,

dehydration, and unnatural stress, whereas opposed to Atitude simulation which does cause better blood econmics and red blood cell production and heals in a slow natural manner and has by

far, been proved more effective in the overall protection against equine lung hemorraging. ALTITUDE= THE COMMON SENSE , NATURAL WAY!

* Altitude training creates better blood economics and a lower resting heart rate
* lower pulmonary pressure
* Strengthens capilary systems
* Creates vascularity
* Induces red blood cell production for healing
* Induces lung scavenging under low oxygen conditions ; with our medical-grade filtered environment.
* Helps negate the need for Lasix
* Creates a medical-grade environment for healing under our patented 3 part continous filtration system and high flow hypoxic generator system
* Induces Alkalinity
* Increase Vo2 Max Levels
* Increases Anearobic Threshold
* Conditions Equine metabolism to trigger secondary fuel stores
* Increases oxygen transport to cells for faster recovery and performance

Comfort and Recovery? Second to NONE!

Superior Comfort!

Our stall systems are equipped with :

* A rubberized kick wall system to prevent hoof damage in the event of kicking and/or casting

* A fully climate controlled environment

* A 3 part filtered clean air environment

* A one piece rubberized equine mattress system a rubberized base of shredded rubber to induce comfort, relaxation and recovery

* A two stall combined environment separated by gating system and kick wall assembly negating the feeling of isolation


Equine Altitude International's Number One Priority!

1.) Oxygen Monitoring System that activates and relays to open ventilation to ambien air in the event of decreased oxygen levels that are sub 10%.

2.)  Power Failure Ventilation System that in the event of a power failure, our ventilation system will be sprung return to an open position allowing air into our stall system.

3.)  Generator Limiters equipped with a low oxygen limiter which makes them unable to produce oxygen levels that are sub 10%.

4.) Biological- Enzymatic Patented Scrubbing System.  Equine Altitude International's patented scrub system is the ONLY one of its kind in the World that fully removes EVERY internal and external element that can cause lung scaring and damage.

5.) A One Piece Cushioned Equine Mattress System : helps to cushion hoof impact and makes a soft , restful, cushioned area for sleep and safety

6.) A Rubberized Tiled Kick Wall Assembly : helps to cushion impacts of kicking and helps prevent injury in the case of casting