Shamus Award Wins 3 Million Dollar Cox Plate
Out Of Equine Altitude International Sleep Stall System

Shamus Award and win the Cox Plate as Shamus Award breaks his maiden in just 6 weeks of altitude training in Equine Altitude International's  two stall system as he makes stellar history.

In early 2013, Equine Altitude International was contacted by the owner of Ultra Thoroughbreds, Sean Buckley.
His stock was just filling races and Sean wanted 'more'. He wanted to win large races and become more competitive. His veterinarian staff , baffled and Sean, constantly changing trainers, wasn't getting any closer to an answer. Until he discovered the USA's Equine Altitude International. Ultra Thoroughbred's answer was simple and came in the way of the EAI 's Pro-Formance 2 Series Sleep Stall Assembly. Sean had his buildings delivered to Danny O Brien's stable track side at Flemington Racecourse in August 2013 and that's when things began to change drastically.

Ultra Thoroughbred's veterinarian staff, utilizing the Equine Altitude International custom supplementation and acclimation programs started to see immediate blood changes along with performance changes that they never had experienced before. Dr. Toby Koenig, the biggest skeptic on technology aiding performance was in awe of the system and started to promote it to his peers as 'the greatest , legal Racehorse performance booster known to mankind!' 
Race Day for the Cox Plate, Shamus Award, a considerable underdog and the only maiden in history to ever win the Cox Plate, does the inconceivable. He leaves ferociously and makes the top. Shamus Award leads the entire race and goes wire to wire , breaking his maiden as he wins his first 2040m race he has ever competed in and takes home the trophy and the prestigious 3 million dollar purse. AHISTORY setting performance

Sean Buckley comments:
-'We couldn't have done it without Equine Altitude International !'
-'Shamus Award had best work ever leading into the race'
-'All blood in every horse is up'
-'I had hemotocrit levels rise as much as 14 to 18.5'
-'Air quality amazing' 'not even a trace of ammonia'
-'Horses very comfortable and relaxed'
-'Since September since entering system, Shamus is a different horse'

Danny O Brien comments:
-'Brilliant stall design'
-'Shamus Award had perfect prep'
-'Filtration is superb'
Dr. Toby Koenig comments:
-'No One can do the job that Equine Altitude International has! ; I am a true believer in this company.'

Want to make history?
Do as Sean, Danny and Shamus Award did!
Altitude Train with Equine Altitude International and WIN!


Delivery of Our New Units to Flemington

Shamus Award Wins The Au Guineas

Another Grade I Victory Thanks To Equine Altitude International

Congrats to ALL!
-Sean Buckley, owner, is absolutely enamored by this huge win in
an overdistance race completely out of Shamus Award's pedigree
-Shamus Award Gets Another Altitude Infused Win from Equine Altitude International !
-Done With Ease! Hardly Breathing!
-Thank you to ALL the Connections for Believing in the USA's System!
-Once again : 'Creating Champions Out Of Thin Air'

-Craig Williams stated that: 'Shamus has probably the highest sustained anearobic  capacity of any horse he's ridden in work!'
-'He won so easily and wasn't even blowing.'