World Class Representation

Equine Altitude International Welcomes

Equine Altitude International is proud to present one of our original founding partners, Larry Rolla. Larry has been at the forefront of equine innovation for over 50 years and without his insight and technical abilities,our comapny would not be in existence today.

Feel free to call Larry to discuss your next project in the USA or abroad : 201-400-3485


Equine Altitude International Is Proud To Welcome Peter James - Asian/ Australian Representative

Peter has over 30 years of experience in the Thoroughbred Industry and holds a degree in both Equine Physiology and Equine Kinesiology. Peter's many International high level connections have enabled Peter to become an incredible success for the EAI Elite Team. EAI, with Peter's help, is currently installing Hypoxic Systems in both Australia and Asia, Peter's , Sydney Mega Project consists of a 30 stall Mare and Foal barn , as well as an active Hypoxic training area. This has just been trumped by Peter . Equine Altitude International is now building the largest Equine Hypoxic center in the World to be located in Asia. This consists of  a 50 stall barn and a complete active Hypoxic work area including Salt water aqua treadmill and a full size European equicisor and Rehabilitation area. This , when completed, will be the largest Hypoxic training facility of ANY type in the World!

Feel free to give Peter a call at his Australian extention : +61 434 284049

Manish Patel

Equine Altitude International would like to welcome, expert,  Manish Patel.

Manish has over 25 years of experience with working with the top Equestrian and Thoroughbred Racehorses in both India and the United States. He is an intrical part of the Equine Altitude International crew. He has an agricultural degree from the very prestigious Gujarat University in India and is one of the most renowned Equine Behavioralists in theWorld.  He also has a LLB and a masters in computer science with developing their horses into the Worldwide Thoroughbred sector. He is in tuned with the fast paced Mumbai, India Thoroughbred scene- working closely with top owners, actors and actresses.

Give Manish a call on his USA extention to discuss your special Champion at : +1 309 532 7550 or
Feel free to email Manish at :