Altitude Training

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Mobile Mountain

High Altitude Equine Enclosure

Pro-formance Series 2, 3 & 6

the prefered choice for commercial applications

This package includes:

* Customly designed building
* Fully Insulated
* Satined Exterior
* Pressure Treated Base
* Aluminum Sealing doors
* Floor to Ceiling Kick walls
* Rubberized Floor Systems
* Rubberized Kick wall Assembly
*  A.C. Systems in the stall assembly
* 3 part filtration cannisters: ammonia scrub, carbon activation, hepa filtration
* A.C. Systems in equipment rooms
* 12 foot by 12 foot stalls separated by kick wall and gating system

Full hypoxic generator systems consisting of  Hi-Flo Generators separated into filtered and atmospherically controlled equipment rooms

Power Failure Evacuation system ; in the event of a power failure. 2 mechanically activated shutter system air inlets- spring load to Open position.

Pure Air oxygen monitoring system ; this system is coupled to 2 electrically activated shutter system air inlets.... in the event of too low oxygen levels our monitoring system will activate shutter system to open position via relay systems

Your full choice of colors in siding, trim, and roofing

**Service contracts
**Warranty and Extended Warranty programs
**Custom Acclimation and Conditioning Programs
All available by private contractual treaty and are NOT included in the purchase price of our units nor equipment.