I can't Believe It!

Amazing Results From Equine Altitude International

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say that I think the progress Eagle has made is amazing. Thank you, thank you to my dear friends at Equine Altitude International for building this amazing stall!! To come in from a 25 mile loop with no breaks and pulse to 40 in under 3 minutes--that just doesn't happen. I've had them down to 52 in that amount of time, but never in the 40's. The other two horses I was running with would canter up to a water tank and immediately start sucking down water with their sides heaving, but Eagle just stood there not even breathing hard and hardly wanted a sip of water--and his hydration was perfect all day. He simply wasn't working. It was like he might as well have been walking the course. He was so bored it was funny.

The only time he ever got happy was on the last loop when I finally just let him go. I wish you could have seen him at the finish. The way he was dancing around, pawing the ground and throwing his head--it was like he hadn't even started the ride yet. I was literally in tears because I just couldn't believe it.

Can't wait to really let him run at the Biltmore!!

Jennifer Poling