Broad Bahn

Our 1.5 Million Dollar Hambletonian Winner

In the beginning of July 2011 Equine Altitude International was approached by successful Trainer and Owner of a large stable, Noel Daley. Noel was training a top trotting colt named Broad Bahn who had just taken a 4th place finish in the Earl Beal Memorial and was conservatively considered one of the Top 5 trotters in the Country.

Constantly racing in the shadows of the top 3 trotting colts, Broad Bahn often found himself succumbing to a 4th or 5th place finish despite giving it his all.

In the Hambletonian Eliminations Broad Bahn’s goal was to get into the Big Show - The Hambletonian. Noel needed an edge. It needed to be safe, legal, and free of any long term negative effects. He came to discover his answer, “EQUINE ALTITUDE INTERNATIONAL", which was later found to become the golden ticket to Noel’s dreams.

Broad Bahn entered the “Mobile Mountain” just six weeks prior to the Hambletonian. The Equine  Altitude International technology put Broad Bahn’s last 4th place performance to these top trotters as a thing of the past. In this short six week period Broad Bahn reeled off three 1st Place finishes all won by cutting the mile. He also had a single 2nd Place finish in this time frame. Two of the three wins were in the Hambletonian eliminations and the the third win was the prestigious Hambletonian.

Broad Bahn in the Hambletonian eliminations does the inconceivable. He leaves from post position 8 and cuts the mile and draws off for a win in this highly competitive elimination. Next, Broad Bahn becomes a piece of Hambletonian history. At the Big Dance Broad Bahn leaves off the gate, makes the top, cuts the entire mile and draws off for the win. No horse in Hambletonian history, not even the great Niatross has ever accomplished such an incredible feat.

The fact is, in this history setting six weeks Broad Bahn was altitude training and has become the single greatest example in modern day history of the affects of this new technology. If Broad Bahn was never to win a race again no one can take his and Trainer Noel Daley’s accomplishments away from them! They are forever truly a part of Harness Racing History.

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